Skills and experience:

  • Good understanding of accounts
  • No formal qualification is necessary
  • But MUST be competent for the role
  • Ideally a passion for cats and an interest in cat welfare

How this helps us:

Our yearly turnover is not enough to need a formal audit of our accounts but, often, when applying for funding from external bodies they call for our accounts to have been “independently examined.”

What does this role involve?

  • Running basic checks on our accounts
  • Co-ordinating with our treasurer
  • Issuing a certificate of examination

The full details of what is needed is on the Charity Commission website <link>

Time commitment required?

As you’d imagine, this is an annual, focused activity, we’d expect it’d need no more than four hours to satisfy yourself that the accounts are being properly recorded and in acceptable order.

Our financial year end is 31st December so would be looking for help around February every year.

Age Requirements

Because of the need to be competent, we’d probably expect applicants to be in their mid-twenties and older.

How will we support you?

Your contact will be the charity’s treasurer. They will support you and offer help as necessary.

What you can gain from volunteering with us?

  • New experiences and knowledge
  • Satisfaction from using your existing knowledge and skills to help cats in our charity
  • Develop existing skills and gain new skills

Please let us have a few more of your details. Obviously, the information you give is just a starting point since we want to make sure any time and effort you volunteer are rewarding to you as well as the cats we are trying to help: Online Volunteer Registration