Our Rehoming Process


All cats on arrival are vet checked and held for two weeks – cats are notorious for having latent disease which surfaces at times of stress. And what can be more stressful that moving home?

During this period, as well as being health checked, cats will normally be neutered, microchipped, treated for parasites and receive a vaccination as necessary.


Having reached the ‘fit for homing‘ milestone and the fosterer beginning to learn a little about the character of their charge, we advertise for a forever home on facebook, our website and other forums as well as placing posters in local vets.

Offer of a home

When someone contacts us to offer a forever home we first of all check they live on a quiet road traffic wise (assuming the cat is not designated as ‘indoor only.’)

Match check

We’d then discuss the personal circumstances of the adoptive family and see if they match the character of their chosen cat – for example, in the case of a young kitten in its formative stages, being left alone for long on its own would not be a good idea. If we can offer another cat more appropriate to your needs and circumstances we will do so.

The goal is to get as good as match as possible – if a cat comes back into care, it’s a disappointment for all concerned. And it’s a big commitment adopting an animal that may live up to 20 years or more.

Meeting your new cat

We encourage the whole family to meet your new cat to make sure everyone is happy and, if first time owners, that no one is allergic.

During your visit, our fosterer will give ….