The sweetest cat ever!

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Age.Around 11½yrs old.
Can live with other cats?Yes, she seems fine as far as we can tell.
Can live with dogs?Mellow ones probably.
Can live with toddlers?Might be too much.
Can live with children?Secondary school age and above would be fine.
Likes older families?Definitely.
Can live indoors only?She's like a garden to potter around away from busy roads.
Something else ... please ask.Please call 07754 337089

Poor, petite Poppy was found wandering the back streets of Upton Priory scraping an existance and trying to find a new home after her owner moved away and abandoned her.

Despite everything, amazingly Poppy‘s not lost her faith in mankind and is the sweetest cat you could imagine … that’s why we call her Poppy Poptart!

Whilst in our care Poppy had a dental to remove the root of a canine tooth broken off whilst fending for herself and she is now in good health.

And, we know the reputation tortoiseshells have for being naughty (so called “naughty torties") but no-one must have told Poppy and she has the loudest purr ever when she jumps on your lap for a cuddle and a stroke.  And she’s more than happy to spend time chasing a laser dot or trying to catch a passing feather on a string.

If you think you could offer a home, please get in touch with SILK CAT RESCUE (t: 07754 337089) and we can arrange an introduction so you can make up your mind.

Please note we generally only home on quiet roads in local area so full post-adoption support can be given if necessary. If you are not sure, please do get in touch – we pride ourselves in getting a perfect match.

email: silkcatrescue@gmail.com
website: https://silkcatrescue.org.uk/adopt-me/poppy
telephone: 07754 337089