Mila – Reserved

A friendly, thoughtful girl.

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Can live with other cats?Given her history (see write up) it could be risky.
Can live with dogs?Not known.
Can live with toddlers?A little bit too shy to be honest
Can live with children?Secondary school age and above.
Likes older families?Definitely.
Can live indoors only?She needs a garden to explore away from busy roads.
Something else ... please ask.Please call 07754 337089

Mila, a beautiful silver grey tabby, was one of two kittens brought home unexpectedly and whilst they were young, it was domestic bliss. Roll forward a couple of years and Mila and the long term, resident moggie took exception to each other.  Despite perservering, their owner reluctantly surrendered Mila to us thinking it unfair on the older matriarch.  We understand domestic harmony has been restored.

We don't imagine Mila is naturally aggressive and it was just a clash of personality. In our care she's been a darling, a little shy at first in her new surroundings (but who wouldn't?) but now blossoming.

Mila is a thoughtful and affectionate soul and if you are looking for a friendly companion she might be the one for you?  

She's neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and has been treated with antiparasitics (fleas, ticks and worms.) 

On arrival, she did have a little bit of dermititus cause by fleas but that's cleared up nicely now.

If you think you could offer a home, please complete our online registration form

Please note, we only rehome away from busy roads and fairly locally so full post-adoption support can be given if necessary.

telephone: 07754 337089