A loving friendly girl who seeks attention.

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Age.Just under a year old.
Can live with other cats?Cobweb would be happy but you'd need to check with your existing cats.
Can live with dogs?So long as they are not overly yappy. She likes the fosterer's collie dog.
Can live with toddlers?As long as they don't over power her or pull her tail.
Can live with children?Should be fine is they give her respect.
Likes older families?That would be fine.
Can live indoors only?Cobweb will need the opportunity to explore and play in the big wide world.
Something else ... please ask.Please call 07754 337089

As soon as Cobweb was surrendered to us we knew she was a little star. A little worse the wear because of a heavy parasite infestation (now resolved) she proving to be a very friendly little girl. Constantly seeking attention, we believe she will prove to be a loving companion and source of joy for all but the most boisterous of families.

Cobweb loves to play, she loves rubbing up, she loves purring and she loves sitting on a lap. She's lovely.

If you think you could offer a home, please get in touch with SILK CAT RESCUE (t: 07754 337089) and we can arrange an introduction so you can make up your mind.

Please note we generally only home on quiet roads in local area so full post-adoption support can be given if necessary. If you are not sure, please do get in touch – we pride ourselves in getting a perfect match.

telephone: 07754 337089